Frequently Asked Questions
Online Opinion Pay
1. How many survey companies should I sign up with?

We recommend you sign up with between 10 - 20 different survey companies. The reason is, that each survey from these survey companies have eligibility requirements that cannot all be met. In other words, one survey may be for men only, another survey may be for women over 40 years of age. It is not possible to participate in every survey. While there are many surveys, you will likely only be eligible for a few. Registering with 10 - 20 companies will increase your ability to take more surveys and earn more money. Just signing up with one survey site may provide 1 survey for you every 3- 6 weeks, certainly not sufficient to really make money.

2. Many survey sites list hundreds of survey companies, why do you only list 20?

Most companies with huge data lists are usually just pushing out of date useless information. Everyday we receive comments from people who have used our site, stating that they wish they had found this website first, before they had wasted many hours on useless lists of survey companies. 20 quality sites is more than enough!

3. When do I get paid?

This information is provided by each survey company. It is your responsibility to know the policies and payout procedures for each company you choose to perform surveys with.

4. How do I get the highest paying Surveys?

By signing up with the highest rated survey companies. These companies have many clients. There clients consist of some of America's largest brands. Some surveys may be short and simple paying only $5. Others may need to do an online focus group which may take over an hour of your time, and hence you may earn up to $150. There are many surveys coming out all the time. You may be eligible for some and not others.

5. Do I have to pay to take surveys?

NO! You are going to earn money - not pay money. If for any reason a company asks you to pay to take a survey - then do not! Report them to us immediately.

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