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Companies rely on consumer surveys to help decide which products and services they should bring to market. Everyday tens of thousands of consumers are taking surveys through professional survey companies. However, there are only a select amount of these companies that can be considered reliable and who will compensate you for your participation. We have the top 20 list of best paying survey companies. Access to our list is always free!

There are many websites on the Internet that charge money for lists of companies that offer surveys for pay. The truth is, most are selling an outdated junk list that will result in a waste of your time and money.  You will find that the survey sites on our website are open and actively seeking new participants. Furthermore, we have new survey sites that come out every week, so our suggestion would be for you to bookmark this page, so you can easily find us again to take new surveys.

Taking online surveys and being able to express your opinions while helping impact the future of consumers goods, is a lot of fun. We hope that you will also enjoy taking the surveys while earning a lot of money!
#4  Global Surveys

Customer Satisfaction:   VERY HIGH     Overall Rating: 

Give your opinion and have an impact on how products are shaped and how they are introduced to the general public! Your input will make a difference.
17  Your New Work-at-Home    

Customer Satisfaction:   8.25               Overall Rating: 

Only Cash Surveys      

Customer Satisfaction:   10     Overall Rating: 

15  Surf Work from Home Online

Customer Satisfaction:    8.5               Overall Rating: 

18 Survey Rewards     

Customer Satisfaction:    8.25              Overall Rating: 

 Click for Survey Work-at-Home    

Customer Satisfaction:   10            Overall Rating: 

 Profit Secrets (Work-at-Home)   

Customer Satisfaction:   10      Overall Rating: 

12  The Survey Group      

Customer Satisfaction:    8.75             Overall Rating: 

14 Global Test Market   

Customer Satisfaction:   8.5                Overall Rating: 

Surveys Moms     

Customer Satisfaction:   10             Overall Rating: 

16  Survey Team     

Customer Satisfaction:   8.5                Overall Rating: 

13 Home-Office Worker Strategy

Customer Satisfaction:   8.5               Overall Rating: 

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1  Paid Surveys at Home     

Customer Satisfaction:   10         Overall Rating: 

7  EWorkers Wanted - Work Online        

Customer Satisfaction:   9.5     Overall Rating: 

 Most Popular 6- 10
19  Winning Opportunities   

Customer Satisfaction:    8                  Overall Rating: 

3  Paid Survey Takers

Customer Satisfaction:    9.5         Overall Rating: 

9  Top 10 Survey Sites   

Customer Satisfaction:   9       Overall Rating: 

10  Paid Survey Search

Customer Satisfaction:   9        Overall Rating: 

20  Survey for Cash    

Customer Satisfaction:    8                 Overall Rating: 

11  Home Office Work Online      

Customer Satisfaction:    8.75             Overall Rating: 

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8  Immediate Work Online Opportunity

Customer Satisfaction:    9      Overall Rating: 

Notice: The "Overall Rating" and "Customer Satisfaction" scores below are the opinion of creators of this site based on various factors including consumer ratings. 
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